Cork Migrant Centre And CMC Youth Initiative Against Racism

While continuing our topic of segregation, we decided to contact the Cork Migrant Centre (CMC), a local charity in Cork City who work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, in order to find out more information about their work and new project, “CMC Youth Initiative Against Racism” and how we can incorporate their work into our topic.

Though it was a virtual meeting, it was no less informative to us. We were joined by psychologist, as well as coordinator of the Cork Migrant Centre, Dr. Naomi Masheti, along with Fionnuala O’Connell and Sophia Egan who work at the centre. Through a very educational meeting, Dr. Masheti, Fionnuala and Sophia gave our members a greater insight into their work and provided us with ideas, that we can use to evolve our topic into a feasible action plan.

The Cork Migrant Centre encourages unity through the simplest of things like dance and visual arts and offers as place of refuge for people who might feel segregated in our communities; something our comhairle is hoping to tackle.